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I teach people how to grow in the awareness of the Holy already present in their lives, and unlock their full creative capacity.

Spiritual direction

Spiritual direction is a practice that helps you develop a rhythm in your life that centers on the loving nearness of God. It invites you to expand the consciousness of your own belonging and belovedness, resulting in a way of life that naturally flows with Jesus in moment to moment, everyday, holy life.

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This class will introduce you to the basics of brush hand lettering in a way that includes our whole person: spirit, soul, body, mind to engage. By the end of our workshop, you will have learned basic techniques for creating your own hand lettered goodness, and have a finished piece to gift or keep.

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Intuitive painting

This class is about growing in the awareness of our own, unique creative process and not product oriented. This class is for anyone who yearns to create from freedom not perfection. It is also for those who want to learn to see God move prophetically through what they create. 

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Beauty and

I’m a lover of all things that provoke and inspire beauty and freedom.

I am passionate about teaching people that spiritual and emotional wholeness is our birthright.

I have ministered locally and globally over the last 20 years as a missionary and the founder of Wholehearted & Courageous, a ministry focused on teaching women to be the most honest version of who God has created them to be. I also started Wildflowers & Flamingos, an organization that combines spiritual direction and creative instruction. In addition, I co-lead the Prophetic Art Team at Bethel Austin. It is my joy to teach people how to connect to their own hearts, grow in the awareness of the Holy already present in their lives, and unlock creative capacity.

Wild Silence
A collection of poetry and prose

There comes an exhale after the surge of a hurricane has ripped through. Wild Silence, A collection of poetry and prose, is that exhale. It is an examination of the effects that inner storms have on the landscape of our souls. Arranged in two parts; process and presence, this book is a slow excavation of meaning from the silence of our own wild hearts. It is a celebration of beauty in the ordinary, a discovery of the monumental in the simple, and ultimately a way to be with God in the everyday of our very tender human lives.

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